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Sriwijaya Flight ‘Suspected’ To Have Crashed, Rescue Operations Underway

The Flight SJ182, Boeing 737-500 (Reg. NO. PK-CLC MSN 27323) was reported today to have disappeared from radars shortly after takeoff from Jakarta and lost more than 10,000 feet of altitude in less than a minute, about four minutes after departure from Jakarta.

Tracking showed the path of the plane ending off the coast just north of Jakarta after the plane abruptly lost altitude.

The Indonesian Navy official Abdul Rasyid told Reuters that the coordinates of the plane had been determined and that ships have been deployed to the location.

It was later declared to have ‘reportedly’ crashed between Male Island and Lancang Island.

A sea and air search effort is well underway. The rescue operation, which includes 11 navy ships, is set to continue throughout the night.

However, witnesses said they had seen and heard at least one explosion.

Fisherman Solihin, who goes by one name, told the BBC Indonesian service he had witnessed a crash and his captain decided to return to land.

“The plane fell like lightning into the sea and exploded in the water,”
he said.

“It was pretty close to us, the shards of a kind of plywood almost hit my ship.”

Fishermen and local divers had discovered pieces of debris and human parts, but authorities cannot immediately confirm it is related to the missing plane.

Sriwijaya Air, owners of the missing SJ-182 flight in a statement said, the ill-fated plane had 62 passengers and crew on board.

Chief Executive Jefferson Irwin Jauwena, owners maintained that the plane (whose first flight was in May 1994) remained in good condition despite take-off been delayed for 30 minutes due to heavy rain.

Media Statement: Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 Flight Information

We confirm that the SJ-182 flight from Jakarta to Pontianak has lost contact as of today 9 January 2021 at 14:40 WIB.

Our aircraft is manned by 6 active crew.

The details of the passengers on flight SJ-182 are 40 adults, 7 children, 3 babies and 6 crew members as passengers.

Our prayers go out to all our passengers and crew and their families.

Until now, we continue to coordinate with the relevant authorities and provide all the support needed.

For family and relatives, please call the following hotline numbers:
021-8063-7816 and 021-8063-7817

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DKI Jakarta prepared 100 personnel including a team of divers to search for the wreckage of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 aircraft.

The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) DKI Jakarta prepared 100 personnel including a team of divers to search for the wreckage of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 aircraft.

Based on PMI’s official statement, volunteer personnel will be divided into two teams, namely at Tanjung Kiat Beach and joining the Indonesian Navy SAR Team on the Indonesian Warship.

“PMI will also alert a rubber boat that will be moved around Tanjung Kait Beach, Tangerang Regency, close to the coordinate point of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 crash,” PMI said in an official statement, Saturday (9/1).

In addition, PMI has also prepared 100 body bags that will be carried by KRI Gilimanuk tonight. Meanwhile, 10 ambulance bodies have also been at the JICT Pier at Tanjung Priok Port to transport if a body is found at sea by the Joint SAR team and taken to the JICT Tanjung Priok Pier.

Later, the bodies will be transported by hearse to the hospital. Central Police Dr. Said Sukanto Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

Families await news from relevant authorities as search-and-rescue continue into the night.

The Indonesia Transport Ministry who ordered an investigation into the incident has set up a crisis centre for families of passengers and crew-members at the airport.

In March 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX passenger airliner was grounded worldwide after 346 people died in two crashes, Lion Air Flight 610 on October 29, 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 10, 2019.

The Lion Air Flight 610 was a scheduled domestic flight operated by the Indonesian airline Lion Air where the Boeing 737 MAX operating the route crashed into the Java Sea, North of Jakarta (12 miles away from the suspected scene of today’s crash) 13 minutes after takeoff, killing all 189 passengers and crew. However, this is a different 737.

Boeing has also responded to the ill-fated Pontianak-bound flight, extending condolences to the families of passengers and crew onboard.

We are aware of media reports from Jakarta, and are closely monitoring the situation. We are working to gather more information.

We are aware of media reports from Jakarta regarding Sriwijaya Air flight SJ-182. Our thoughts are with the crew, passengers, and their families. We are in contact with our airline customer and stand ready to support them during this difficult time.

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