Friday, April 23

Stephanie Otobo Is A Serial Blackmailer– DELSU Alumnus Ready To Testify In Court

As the fire of the viral sex scandal allegations of Miss Stephanie Otobo against radical preacher Apostle Johnson Suleman rages on, Legend Vibes investigations in its quest to unravel the truth behind the case discovered a twist which could put the whole case to bed. A Facebook user, names withheld for now, who happens to have attended Delta State University while Stephanie was a student there has in a reaction to a post on her revelations about the clergyman made bold to say he is willing to be docked any time to testify that he knows her as a blackmailer.

“My encounter with Steph was an attempt to blackmail my person then…in 2006. Call me anytime in court, I will testify “. According to him, Stephanie who was a model instructor and part of the organisers of the Miss DELSU Beauty Pageant back then always had her scheme for getting to the top.
The post elicited confirmatory response from more DELSU alumni who had different things to say about their knowledge of Miss Otobo.
As it stands, this might be the only big contradiction to the Stephanie’s case against the acclaimed clergyman who is accusing Festus Keyamo of orchestrating a media trial to tarnish his image just as Stephanie continues to give out press interviews and revealing damning details of their purported relationship in a matter which is already before the courts.
Stay with us. The truth will come out in this one.

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