Tuesday, September 21

Stop Checking Your Partner’s Phone, He Deserves Some Privacy – Charlotte Oduro Advises Women

Counselor Charlotte Oduro has advised women to stay away from the partner’s phone because they also need their privacy.

According to the controversial counselor, whoever calls your man shouldn’t be the lady’s business because men also deserve some privacy. He has advised women to stop asking unnecessary questions and play the part of a woman in the home.

“stop taking his phone and asking silly questions like… who did you call? who were you speaking to?….. We have gotten to a point where we are grown….Women grow up and stop being suspicious. Whoever is calling is not your business, do your part as a woman in the home”. Charlotte Oduro stated in an interview.

Counselor Charlotte Oduro says if the woman plays her role well in the relationship, the love between herself and her partner will be harmonious. She also advised women to desist from any suspicious attitude of their partners because it only breaks family apart.

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