Wednesday, October 20

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Nollywood Filmmaker Alesh, Buys his Mom a Car

Nollywood Filmmaker Alesh, Buys his Mom a Car

Nollywood filmmaker Alesh, while celebrating Mother’s day with his mum, has surprised her with a car. He made the announcement moments ago via his social media page, where he appreciated her for the pains she passed through just to ensure he had a good upbringing and also that he never suffered. He then used the medium to encourage others to do same for their parents He wrote: It’s Mother’s Day ❤️ you have nothing when you don’t make your parent happy … What more can u become if ur parents are not happy with u… you are so poor if you have two Benz and parent doesn’t have Toyota ? let’s be proud of our parents … they are everything to us ? April 1st 2019.. today is one of my happiest day because I saw my mama tears of joy ? mama suffered and used to cry when I ...

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