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Five celebrities with unexpected hobbies

Celebrities are people who we all love to follow and get the latest gossip about. Whether it is famous people from sport, film or TV, we just cannot get enough of how they live their lives. One aspect of this which seems to draw the most attention is what celebs do for fun in their spare time. While you might think they all spend their time enjoying lavish lunches or hitting the town, many have far more unexpected pastimes. But which five celebs have the most surprising hobbies? Cristiano Ronaldo - gambling Now back at Manchester United, Ronaldo is known as one of the best footballers in the world. Did you know he also likes to gamble though? Ronaldo is particularly known for his love of poker and started playing as a young man in Portugal. If, like Ronaldo, you like to gamble ...
Jeff Zucker tells CNN staff he Wishes he fired Chris Cuomo earlier, Says he will not Pay him $18m Severance Fee

Jeff Zucker tells CNN staff he Wishes he fired Chris Cuomo earlier, Says he will not Pay him $18m Severance Fee

CNN President Jeff Zucker reportedly told employees during a virtual town hall on Tuesday, December 7 that the network won't pay severance fee to Chris Cuomo following his firing and that he wishes he had fired him earlier. 'Yes, in hindsight he may have taken action sooner but [the] result, [Zucker's] comfortable with,' a source told Fox News. A source told FOX there was 'universal relief' among CNN staff when Cuomo who earns $6m a year was finally dismissed. 'That's separate from liking Chris or not liking Chris – it's people feeling that there was a right thing to do, and it was done,' the insider said. During a question-and-answer session on Tuesday, Zucker said he reprimanded Cuomo in May and warned him against advising his brother, Andrew Cuomo who resigned as New York Govern...
US and Taliban Sign Historic ‘Peace Deal’ Agreement Today

US and Taliban Sign Historic ‘Peace Deal’ Agreement Today

After nearly two years of protracted negotiations between the US and Taliban rulers in Doha, Qatar, the United States government and the Afghan Taliban have signed a historic peace agreement today that will reduce the number of US troops in the country and also end the Afghan war betwen the Taliban and the US military that has been going on since 2001. The first phase of the deal included a seven week no fighting scenario which occurred over the last week, and on Saturday, Diplomats from Afghanistan, the US, India, Pakistan and other UN member states have gathered along with Taliban representatives at the Sheraton Hotel in Doha, to sign the peace deal. As part of the deal 6400 out of 13,000 US troops will leave Afghanistan in four months time while the Taliban meet certai...

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