Tuesday, May 11

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Chantal Grazioli Ends Relationship With Eric Omondi

Chantal Grazioli Ends Relationship With Eric Omondi

Kenyan celebrity power couple of comedian Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli has split. Pundits claimed that it is a publicity stunt to push some product or get more eyeballs onto their social media. But the truth is, the relationship is as dead as a dodo. The comedian showered Chantal with love, wishing her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. AS YOU MOVE INTO YOUR NEW PHASE IN LIFE WITH OR WITHOUT ME I WANT TO WISH YOU ALL THE BEST MY LOVE❤️…THE PATHS THAT BROUGHT US TOGETHER ARE NOW FACING DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS AND AS YOU MOVE ON IN YOUR PATH I WISH YOU THE BEST LIFE HAS TO OFFER. The farewell love note by Eric went on to show that they have parted on good terms. AS YOU FLY AWAY MY LOVE❤️ MAY YOU GLOW, SHINE LIKE THE ANGEL THAT YOU ARE. I WILL MISS YOU? EVERY MOM...

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