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Father Slits Wife and Teenage Daughter’s Throats

Father Slits Wife and Teenage Daughter’s Throats

A father allegedly slit the throats of his wife and teenage daughter before his neighbours chased him down and pinned him to the ground as he tried to flee the scene. Police were reportedly called to a disturbance shortly before 3 pm on Monday after locals reported terrified screams from a house in Salisbury, Wiltshire. According to The Sun, officers discovered the body of 18-year-old Nikoleta Zdun at the property, while Marcin's wife Aneta Zdun was found alive but died a short time later despite desperate efforts by paramedics to save her. It was claimed that their throats had been cut. Two distraught young girls, aged five and six, were heard screaming in terror before they fled to safety and were consoled in the street by a concerned neighbour. Horrified w...

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