Wednesday, October 27

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Kim Kardashian failed baby bar exam a second time

Kim Kardashian failed baby bar exam a second time

Kim Kardashian failed the baby bar exam a second time and the moment she checked her result online was captured on the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.   The mum of four, who was disappointed after she failed the first baby bar exam, said she "wanted a miracle" the second time around.   While checking her result after taking the baby bar the second time, Kim had the lawyers who had been mentoring her on the phone. But the mood in the room instantly changed when Kim found out she did not pass the test again.   Kim said: "I failed! This is really annoying."   To make matters worse, Kim's score in the second baby bar was less than her score the first time she took it.   "Total scaled score: 463. I pretty much got the same...

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