Friday, May 14

Taiwan First Female President Wins Second Term Election

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen declared victory in Saturday’s election as voters delivered a stunning rebuke of Beijing’s campaign to isolate the self-ruled island, handing its first female leader a second term.

“Taiwan is showing the world how much we cherish our free democratic way of life and how much we cherish our nation,” Tsai told reporters as she announced her victory.

Tsai Ing-wen said Beijing should stop making threats towards the island after voters resoundingly handed her a second term in office on Saturday.

“Peace means that China must abandon threats of force against Taiwan,” she said at a press conference in Taipei where she declared her election victory.

“I also hope that the Beijing authorities understand that democratic Taiwan, and our democratically elected government, will not concede to threats and intimidation,” Tsai added.

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