Monday, May 10

Tanasha Donna claps back at Hustle goddess for tarnishing her image online

Hustle goddess – who was once part of Nairobi Diaries has picked a fight with Diamond Platnumz baby mama, Tanasha Donna. This is after she accused Ms Donna of not paying a certain makeup artist; who also doubles up as a good friend to Ms Goddess.

However having been given a chance by Eric Omondi to speak about the ‘Eric Omondi’ tattoo; the lass grabbed this opportunity to also expose Tanasha for dodging the make up artist she owes – hoping this would remind her to pay up. And it worked!

We understand that Tanasha has already came across this story and to control the damage; Hustle goddess says the singer reached out to Eric Omondi to have the post pulled down. Through her gram, Hustle Goddess wrote;

‘I didn’t make @ericomondi delete his post. @tabashadonna did Because she saying she’s going to address it on her page. Girl you had MONTHS to address this issue. I don’t care that my page is smaller than yours you can’t mistreat my friends like that just because you’re famous.’

Of course this not being the first time Tanasha Donna is being accused of not paying for something; fans in the comment section could help but call out Tanasha for being cheap.

Seeing how everyone is acting on social media; Ms Donna on the other hand decided to give Hustle goddess a low blow as seen on Instagram. Judging from a caption used on Donna’s latest photo, we can see her accusing Hustle Goddess of using her name for fame as she wrote;

‘Donna =Content.🧚🏼🌎’

But since Tanasha Donna has another version of the story; we honestly cannot wait to hear of it.

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