Tuesday, May 11

Thickleeyonce Schools K Naomi On ‘Skinny Privilege’

ThickLeeyonce is all about body positivism and uplifting women to love themselves and their bodies, so when Naomi K swerved into her lane, ThickLeeyonce was not about to move over.

Here’s what happened:

A fan tagged ThickLeeyonce in a tweet about Bonang Matheba’s new winter lingerie line and commented that the range doesn’t cater for bigger busted women. She appealed to ThickLeeyonce to create a range for #teambigboobs.

ThickLeeyonce commented that making bigger bras is expensive and companies often neglect to cater for bigger busted women because of the hefty cost involved. She made the point that it is unfair because “we didn’t choose to have big boobs.”

ThickLeeyonce, who has a fashion label herself, said that she would often go to shops and battle to find clothes that fit her and said there were more options for skinny girls as opposed to bigger girls, resulting in slenders looking more fashionable.

And that’s when Naomi K came in, calling the “skinny/fat topic tiring.”

‪Twitter users chose sides with Slender Twitter insisting they weren’t given preference at shops because of their size and they too battled to find clothes to fit into.

But ThickLeeyonce and her fans said that you can’t compare the two and that bigger women simply aren’t catered for.

She then dm’d Naomi and posted the messages on her Instagram account.

“A woman with big breasts will go to 12 different shops and still not get a bra that fits her, and when she does get it costs 3 million and not even cute. A woman with small breasts, will walk into any store and find a bra for less than R200 in her size. This is what we call “Thin privilege”, u are spoiled for choice, ur not told “Lose weight so that u can dress how uv always wanted to dress”.

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