Friday, May 14

This Singleness Doesn’t Help, Every Woman Needs A Man – Akothee Advices Women To Get A Man

Akothee is one of the most influential women in the country. Most women admire the sumptuous life that the musician and entrepreneur is living. In fact, some women are single because of her. Akothee makes it seem easy to live without a man. She has everything she desires, lives in palatial homes and owns several businesses. She has however become controversial in the issue of relationship. Weeks ago, she revealed that she has been trying to get pregnant since January this year.

“Boom it’s been 6 years yawa ,if I don’t get another baby in this remaining 4 years ,I will quit . Since January I have been trying to get pregnant, but it’s not coming ”

Her claim raised questions on whether she’s hiding her man or she was just bluffing on getting pregnant. She has now advised women to get themselves a man, to help them in sorting out a few things.

She said this after having an electricity problem, which she has been complaining about for weeks. She wrote;

“You see, Now electric is back, and I can’t switch on TV to watch hayakuhusu by Akothee on yutube, someone come switch on the tv for me. Naona tu michele. This singleness doesn’t help. Every woman needs a man hata yule kibogoyo.”

A few days ago, Akothee slammed her relatives for claiming she is in illuminati because of her richness. She even released a song dubbed ‘Hayakuhusu’ with a message dedicated to all her haters.

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