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Top Celebrity Homes to Inspire Your Interior Design Project

Celebrities have a big impact on the world of design, with social media sites like Instagram boasting approximately one million active users. If in the past, very few celebrities showed off their home interiors, today, it is far easier to take a sneak peek into where they live, play, and work out, thanks to their willingness to share their lives on apps like Instagram and TikTok. If you like to receive your inspiration for your home renovation or décor projects from the rich and famous, the following three homes may be of interest—since they reflect some of the latest interior design trends.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Green Home
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the talented actress who gave life to the hilarious Elaine in hit series, Seinfeld, calls herself “a devout environmentalist” and this is evident in the design of her beachfront bungalow. The latter, which is a second home for her and husband Brad Hall, was made from salvaged pre-renovation materials. Its flooring and furniture are made of sustainable hardwoods and it has a retractable sunroof that directs hot air upwards and away from the house. Dreyfus and Hall have taken it beyond the visual, by investing in solar energy and by replacing energy-guzzling appliances with energy-efficient ones. If you are in the process of buying a home and you wish to boost its energy efficiency, choosing a type of loan that frees up cash can help. There are some types of home loans with no down payment which permit you to invest a little of your savings in energy-efficient features such as solar panels and reclaimed material for flooring and furniture.
Kylie Jenner’s Colorful, Artistic Abode
Stepping into Kylie Jenner’s home is like walking into a museum of modern interior design, with features such as custom chairs varying in intensities of pink, rows of butterfly prints in all the color combinations one can think of, and pretty brass chandeliers bearing an array of carefully placed god-framed spheres. Almost everywhere you look, the home is filled with what seems to be installation artwork but which is actually a collection of comfortable, visually stunning furniture that lends the home an appealing flair. Architectural Digest called the design scheme of this home “equal parts sparkle and sumptuousness,” with just a few of the most glamorous pieces including a white grand piano, reflective wall coverings, and a Jim Zivic hammock suspended from the ceiling.
Nina Dobrev’s European Inspiration
Nina Dobrev has embraced the color and vivacity of European design for her Hollywood home, finding most of her inspiration from the sun-kissed country that is Spain. Her home was originally built in the 1920s and Dobrev sought to remain true to its original spirit and style. This is particularly evident in the kitchen, which boasts terracotta flooring, appealing green cabinets, and Dolomite slab countertops. Nina also sought to let more natural light in, by knocking down a wall that blocked the dining room. The home is filled with plants, warm woods, and soft-hued linens as well as curated pieces collected from Dobrev’s many travels across the globe.
Regardless of the style you most connect with, you will probably find plenty of inspiration for your home interiors from celebrities, who often have access to top designers worldwide. From Julia Dreyfuss’ eco-friendly home right through to Nina Dobrev’s warm, European abode, celebrity homes show that the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, sustainability and practicality, can be achieved. Those into art and modern, lively design styles, meanwhile, should look no further than Kylie Jenner’s home to discover how much many fun interiors can be to live in.

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