Tuesday, October 19

Toyin Saraki shares photo of her “wonderfully breastfed” grandchild

Wellbeing Africa founder and wife of former Senate President, Toyin Saraki, has shared a photo of one of her two grandchildren.

She took to Instagram on Thursday, September 16, to post a photo of her cradling her ‘wonderfully breastfed’ grandbaby as she prepares for the 2021 Global Breastfeeding Symposium.

“It is often said that a new mother’s duties are to eat, feed, sleep, rinse and repeat. As a grandmother of two wonderfully breastfed babies, I have also learnt that grandmothers must strive to be understanding, respectful and supportive of new mothers needs, to achieve the success-filled gift of early and exclusive breastfeeding!” she wrote.


Toyin Saraki shares photo of her "wonderfully breastfed" grandchild

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