Friday, May 14

Trevor Noah Tells Hilarious True Story Of Becoming Jay-Z’s Bodyguard.


Comedian Trevor Noah does not appear to be physically imposing, but when it came time to protect Jay-Z at the recent NAACP Image Awards, he answered the call.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from “The Daily Show” posted Wednesday, Noah recounted how he stepped in as the rapper’s impromptu bodyguard when Jay-Z got separated from his security detail. “One of my favorite moments in life that I will cherish until I die,” Noah said.

The show ended abruptly, prompting many in the crowd to rush toward Jay-Z, a celebrity among celebrities, the host explained. That’s when Noah put away the funny and got serious about pushing Jay-Z out of the building.

We’ll let Noah fill in the funny details, but suffice to say, Jay-Z was satisfied with the late-night comic’s work. When one of the actual bodyguards saw Noah escorting Jay-Z, Noah said the man was going to “break” him.

But Jay-Z assured the bodyguard that Noah did a great job. “That was amazin’ baby, we gotta do it again sometime,” Jay-Z said, according to Noah.

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