Friday, January 28

Trouble in paradise already? Corazon Kwamboka sending mixed signals with new post

Corazon Kwamboka knows how to keep fans entertained and after days of not posting anything on her page; seems like she just dropped a post that has left fans and bloggers asking questions.

Knowing very well that most women see her as home wrecker/boyfriend snatcher and a lawyer struggling with English; Miss Corazon has given these busy bodies a reason to question whether her relationship with Frankie is falling apart.

This is after sharing a suggestive post which proves that she may feel used by an unnamed person; that pushed her off the edge to a point of poting it on her page. Ms Corazon who is currently in a serious relationship with one Frankie Just Gym it went on to write;

‘People will love when it’s beneficial.’

We cannot confirm whether the post shared by the new mum in town had anything to do with Frankie Just Gym It; but we can’t help but wonder who else could be using Corazon.

This is the first time Corazon Kwamboka is sharing such a post and since she did not share much; we can’t help but hope she soon sheds light on this issue about being used. Or could it be Karma already knocking on her door? Let’s wait and see.

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