Friday, September 24

Unseen Footage Of David Haye’s Stunned Reaction To Tyson Fury Beating Deontay Wilder

Unseen footage of David Haye’s reaction to Tyson Fury’s sensational performance against Deontay Wilder makes for fascinating viewing.

BT Sport have released never-before-seen footage of Haye’s stunned reaction to Fury dethroning Wilder last weekend in Las Vegas.

Haye, who was part of the commentary team, was watching in awe of Fury’s showing as he dropped Wilder before securing a stoppage victory in the seventh round.

The video also shows ‘The Hayemaker’ smiling uncontrollably as he applauded the Gypsy King’s incredible work inside the ring.

A brilliant reaction from Haye who once called Fury a rival after they were paired to fight in 2013 until injury forced him out.

Speaking on BT Sport immediately after Fury’s triumphant victory, Haye said he “witnessed greatness” while explaining Wilder’s downfall.

“I don’t know what it looked like to everyone at home, but watching it here, I witnessed greatness. That’s what that was,” he said.

“That kind of pressure is hard to negate,” Haye explained. “He’s coming out, he’s coming back in and look at Wilder; his legs are straight and that’s what happens when you don’t have quads to hold your weight a little lower, to ride the shots. But he’s never needed to do it because he punches so hard.

“His biggest downfall is his biggest weapon. His power has allowed him to go through boxing up until this level with no problems. He didn’t know that existed. He didn’t know that pain he felt there existed in boxing, and now he knows.

“Fury was so calculated in every department and as you can see, I’m pretty impressed [laughs].”

Fury and Wilder, meanwhile, will meet for a third time after the American exercised the contracted rematch clause.

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