Friday, April 23

Update: Lady accused of stealing her friend’s birthday cake arrests her friend

The Nigerian lady accused of stealing her friend’s birthday cake has arrested her friend who called her out on social media.

Early today, a birthday celebrant called out her friend identified as Reni for stealing the cake and wine gifted to her by her friends.

According to the birthday celebrant, Reni denied the accusation after she was asked about the cake and wine but unfortunately, the CCTV footage at the apartment proved otherwise.

The cousin of the celebrant has given more update on the case, as she reveals that her cousin was arrested by the accused after she was called out on Twitter.

She wrote;

”This @Alleberryy you must be fucking silly to go and arrest my cousin with your parents because of cake. If you didnt steal the cake then why is there a whole CCTV footage of you carrying the cake and why are you involving your parents and the police?????”


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