Update: Self-radicalised terrorist Ali Harbi Ali, who murdered British MP Sir David Amess is jailed for life

Update: Self-radicalised terrorist Ali Harbi Ali, who murdered British MP Sir David Amess is jailed for life

The self-radicalized terrorist who murdered veteran MP Sir David Amess is to die behind bars after he was sentenced to a whole-life prison term.

Islamic State fanatic, Ali Harbi Ali appeared at the Old Bailey on Wednesday after he was convicted of murder and preparing terrorist acts by jurors who spent just 18 minutes deliberating.

Update: Self-radicalised terrorist  Ali Harbi Ali, who murdered British MP Sir David Amess is jailed for life

 Sir David was stabbed more than 20 times during a constituency surgery meeting in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, in October last year. 

Delivering Ali's sentence, Mr. Justice Sweeney said the murder of the MP for Southend West "struck at the heart of our democracy".

The judge said Sir David was "a man of the greatest substance" who had "done nothing whatsoever" to justify the attack on him.

"His loss is one of national significance," the judge said

Mr Justice Sweeney said the murder was carried out "in revenge for Islamic State's losses in Syria" and that Sir David had "fought bravely and hard" against the attack.

 "The defendant has no remorse or shame for what he has done, quite the reverse," the judge said.

Ali, wearing a black collarless robe in the dock, pursed his lips briefly as the judge handed down his sentence.

He told the trial he had no regrets about the killing, saying Sir David deserved to die because he had voted in parliament for airstrikes on Syria in 2014 and 2015. 

Sir David's family said it 'broke their heart' to think he would have welcomed Ali to the constituency surgery shortly before he killed him.

Prosecutors described the case as 'overwhelming', and Ali himself did not dispute much of the evidence, cockily gazing around from the dock when it was heard.

In a final act of arrogance he 'specifically instructed' his own lawyer not to address the judge in mitigation. 

Mr. Justice Sweeney said: 'This is a murder that struck at the heart of democracy.

'This was a murder carried out in revenge for Islamic State's losses in Syria. The defendant has no remorse or shame, quite the reverse.' 

 He added of Sir David's family: 'This trial was forced on them by the defendant's cowardly refusal to admit his guilt.' 

Earlier a harrowing victim impact statement from Julie Cushion, one of Sir David's staff members who witnessed his murder, said: 'I can't get the perpetrator's face, as he was led away, out of my mind.

'He looked so smug, and so self satisfied. 

A statement from Sir David's widow Lady Amess said there was no elation in the family today following the sentencing.

She added: 'Our amazing husband and father has been taken from us in an appalling and violent manner. Nothing will ever compensate for that.

 'We will wake each day and immediately feel our loss. We will struggle through each day for the rest of our lives. Our last thought before sleep will be of David. We will forever shed tears for the man we have lost. We shall never get over this tragedy.

'It breaks our heart to know that our husband and father would have greeted the murderer with a smile of friendship and would have been anxious to help. How sickening to think what happened next. It is beyond evil.

'Our thanks go to the police, in particular the two officers assigned to the family during this dreadful time. Our thanks also to the legal team who worked so tirelessly to ensure that justice was done. Our special thanks also to the many, many friends and family and of course, the general public, who have been a source of so much strength and love to us since David died. 

'Somehow, we now have to move on with our lives although none of us really knows where to begin.

'We would refer to the statement made by our family immediately after this tragedy. Our message remains the same. We appeal to everyone to treat their fellow human beings with kindness, love, and understanding. This is needed more than ever now.

'We now ask for privacy to rebuild our lives as best we can. There will be no further statements, interviews, or indeed any comment.'  

A letter from Mike Freer MP - who was one of Ali's alternative targets - was also read revealing he and his staff are now wearing stab vests whenever they meet the public.