Monday, January 17

Vera Sidika Opens Up On Wedding Plans With Lover Brown Mauzo, Reveals When She’ll Be Having Kids

Most people are eagerly waiting to see Vera Sidika having her own kid(s). Over the years, rumours and photoshopped images of her with a baby bump have circulated the internet; and she’s rarely bothered by them. The fact that she bleached her skin makes it more interesting for fans who claim she will only give birth to dark skin babies.

Even though the curvy socialite has been in many relationships, she didn’t seem to be ready to get kids with the men she had before; including Otile. At one time, she disclosed that she’ll only get kids with the person she will be ready to settle with. Vera might have just found the gem she was looking for; she seems comfortable with her current boyfriend Brown Mauzo, who she claims is treating her like the queen she is.

On her Insta story Q&A, she disclosed that wedding plans are underway; but she will only do a white wedding after the pandemic, to make it interesting. One of her fans asked;

“Should we await a white wedding maybe from you guys au hamtaki sherehe kubwa?”

Vera’s response;

“Yes. White wedding InshaAllah. Not now though. No ceremony is fun in this pandemic.”

In the same Q&A, Vera also disclosed she will get kids with Brown Mauzo in 2 years time.

I bet this is a long time for her online fans, who expect her to get a kid sooner; but it will be one of the greatest moments for the fans.

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