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Video: Heartfelt hugs & happy tears as Pearl Thusi returns home to her kids

After spending months away from home and her children, actress Pearl Thusi finally wrapped her work and touched down in Mzansi.

Pearl has been working on an upcoming new season of the Netflix series Wu Assassins in Thailand. Upon return, all she wanted was her lil munchkins

She captured her emotional reunion with her kids in a video later posted to Instagram.

“This is the second time I’m surprising Thando, after being gone for much long time. So they just arriving from school, and they are not supposed to know that I’m here. So let’s see how they react,” Pearl said at the beginning of the video.

“Oh my, I’ve missed those voices,” she mouths in the video as she hears her daughters’ approaching footsteps.

Pearl hides in the corner waiting to surprise her children. As they walk in, they get a big shock and the trio all come together for a big heartfelt embrace.

Pearl’s oldest, Thando, couldn’t deal with the flood of emotions and burst into tears, which led Pearl to get emotional as well.

Little Okuhle just wanted to immediately go into updating her mommy on what she’s missed, like how cute her blue school bag is.

Watch the cute video below:


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