Monday, April 19

Video: Sidechick of Nollywood Actor Turned Politician Desmond Elliot Exposed!!!

Nollywood actor turned politician Desmond Elliot has become a target of Nigerian social media users after passing some very silly comments on the ‘EndSARS’ protestors.

Elliot has become the chewing gum everyone is chewing for being a massive disappointment to the youth.

In that climate, people are also laying all sorts of allegations at his feet.

One allegation claims that Desmond has a sidechick he has been hiding from his wife for years now.

He’s alleged to have a kid with this sidechick which he has been hiding from the wife.

However, he has now been exposed!

Another allegation claims he cheated on the wife with Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson.

Desmond is in big trouble at the moment and nothing is going to save him until he comes out to apologize for his insensitive comments.

The actor turned politician has angered his fellow Nigerians after being captured in a video promoting a bill that is supposed to shut down social media in Nigeria since the government claims it’s a tool being used to promote the protests.

Below is the video of him ripping into the Nigerian youths.

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