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Vybz Kartel addresses criticism over his 16-year-old son expecting baby

Incarcerated Jamaican dancehall icon Vybz Kartel is set to become a grandfather. The acclaimed musician recently broke the news that his 16-year-old son Akheel Raheim Palmer alias Likkle Addi is expecting a baby boy with his girlfriend.

Likkle Adi and his girlfriend appeared in a photo shared by Kartel with the caption “Congrats to me son & daughter and extended family.”

Photos of the celebrations shared by Likkle Adi on Instagram depicted a baby shower with the backdrop spotting the words ‘Oh Boy’. The blue and white themes asserted the two are expecting a baby boy.

During the celebrations, the couple was seen cutting cake and sitting on white, throne-like chairs. Vybz Kartel’s baby mama and Likke Addi’s mother Tanesha Johnson was seen posing alongside them.

Kartel’s announcement did not augur well with a section of social media users who took issue with the young parents’ age with one writing, “Just another statistic…”

“Him no ready fi that dey road yet, youth young should be focus on his career instead,” wrote another.

Vybz Kartel’s name was dragged into the conversation with his lyrics in his songs “Teenage Pregnancy” and “Mhm Hm” being quoted to show he always advocated for pregnancy, no matter the age.

In a rejoinder soon after the pregnancy announcement, Kartel wrote “One ting me can bet my life pon me never wish bad pon a next man child! Mi see picture a go round but If you never get lock up shut di f*** up!”

Both Likkle Addi and his older brother Likkle Vybz are looking to leave a mark in the music industry after setting up Uptown Gaza (UTG).

On April 3 2020, a three-judge bench upheld the singer’s 2014 conviction for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams whose body was never found.

Vybz Kartel, who commands a cult-like following among fans was charged in 2011 alongside fellow musician Shawn Campbell alias Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones and Andre “Mad Suss” St. John.

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