Monday, December 6

Wendy Shay fights for her song ”pray for the world” to be restored by YouTube

Record producer, MOG Beatz revealed earlier that Wendy Shay’s ”Pray for the World” music video had been taken down by YouTube for policy infringement reasons.

Apparently, the video-sharing website had been alerted by some unknown Ghanaians that Wendy’s song was a remake of South African musician, Master KG’s Jerusalema song.

YouTube reacted by taking down the song for copyright reasons and MOG, who produced the song, was in awe of the hate on display by the informant.

In a tweet, the sound beast was dissapointed in whoever the snitch was.

Meanwhile, Wendy Shay moments later reacted to MOG’s tweet claiming that her lawyers are fighting to get the music restored.

Wendy explained that the chord progressions of her song are different from Master KG’s banger.

She refused to admit that she had infringed on any copyright laws and insisted that she would fight for her right.

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