Tuesday, June 15

What you don’t know about Abena Korkor!!!

Abena Korkor’s story is quite a bit more complicated than people know.

Korkor suffers from bipolar disorder which makes her occasionally relapse and drop juicy sexual information. She herself says that she become hyper sexual when her manic episodes come.

Her recent episode saw her shake the whole Ghana when she released a new list of men who have played in her backyard. This included Lexis Bill, Kojo Yankson and Nkonkonsa.

Whilst the whole Ghana was talking about her list, one social media user has called on Ghanaians to have pity on Korkor.

Mikdad Mohammed after watching Korkor’s full video recounted her life story which led to her current trauma.

‘Defiled at 5 by a 13-year old neighbour, made it to Aburi Girls where the signs were on the wall, had her first mental relapse in a University campus where she was a fast rising student activist super brilliant in class, lost her true love and friends, later jailed in New York for 18 months for trafficking heroine to pay for her Ukraine Medical School admission because the boss at the Scholarship Office allegedly wanted sex the very moment his eyes saw her, the story of Abena Korkor is as pathetic as it is sad; revolving around men (and some women) who craved for the banging body but overlooked the mental challenge upstairs, which has led many in her shoes to suicide when help didn’t come.

Betrayed by her friends, unable to hold down any job and bouts of relapse later, we want to judge her and make her the object of mockery or hate? No. It can’t be right.

And without passing any judgment on any specific man, anyman who unzips before [an occasionally] “mentally challenged” person no matter the context, should know he’s signing an “anything-can-happen-later” agreement with the tip of his penis.

The story of Abena Korkor is the story of a damsel going through a tough time and almost everyone who tried to help ended up eating her cookie, of course with her consent.

The girl just deserves sympathy and support.

Her predicament speaks to the neglect of mental issues in our homes, in our schools, in our courts and in the corridors of our government where resources are allocated to solve our problems.

I don’t know her. Have never met her. I don’t know anybody who knows her but just like I did for Irbard, I am providing an intellectual divergence, even if amateurish at which heart is the need to rethink our approach to mental health.’

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