Friday, January 21

Why Kamene Goro is not willing to become a mum

Kamene Goro is not willing to have kids; or rather has no plans of becoming a mum. Yes, she said this herself through a QnA post where she admitted that motherhood is not something she has ever thought of.

As much as this sounds untrue or rather just not fine – Kamene Goro openly admitted to it; almost 2 years after revealing that she is not planning on having kids.

This being the second she has said the same leaves many wondering why she would want to miss out on such an experience.

Responding to one of her fans who asked;

‘You don’t wanna give birth in the future?’

Well, it’s not that Kamene has given up on having 100% – but says this is not something she has given full priority to. According to her, things may change in future but as for now, having children is not compulsory.

‘True…it could change…but kids is not top of my list at all.’

This comes as a big surprise considering how most women admire or rather look forward to having their first kids.

Kamene on the other hand seems to be the career type hence her choice of not having kids while still young.

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