Wednesday, April 21

Why Nigeria Is Better Than The US – US-Based Nigerian Gives Reasons

A US-based Nigerian give reasons why Nigeria is better than the US.

– Can anyone in the US use $1 for breakfast? No! But in Nigeria, 500 will give you breakfast and lunch.

– Insurance in the US is $280 and that is almost 100, 000
monthly. In Nigeria we don’t pay half of that

– Majority of people’s monthly house rent (self-Contained apartment) in the USA is $1,000 and above… and that is your own 2 year’s rent.

-Says he pays 40,000 monthly for phone bills or else they will block his SIM. Whereas MTN can be there for months without recharge.

– When last did you work on Saturday and Sunday? This I do compulsorily and on regular basis.

Don’t get me wrong, the US is better than Nigeria,
depending on which angle you are viewing it.
But many people in Nigeria live a more fulfilled life than
those in America

If you are black they will kneel on you, and you need many jobs to truly live well.

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