Tuesday, September 21

Williams Uchemba Opens Up On His Love For AY, Reasons He Bought Him A Phone

Nollywood actor, Uchemba Williams, in a recent interview with Allure Vanguard opens up his love for AY Comedian and why bought him a phone.

According to the comic actor, he is quite close to AY and also inspired by his kind of person.

“AY is not only a friend but a big brother. I am the first son and he’s the first son. His parents passed on when he was young, mine are still alive, but I never had any elder brother to look up to just like him. Aside that, we have a lot in common, we think alike. We don’t like too much attention, our morals are straight. We don’t like vulgar words. There are so much, we just connect, work ethics etc. He’s a great guy. He is amazing. He could empty his pocket to help you not minding how he would get home.
Having a good spirit and a clean spirit is also one of the things that attracted me to him. AY is a brother and a friend. I appreciate him.”

On how COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entertainment industry, Uchemba said, “It’s not only the Entertainment industry, it’s affecting everything. But musicians and comedians are using the internet platforms, to reach out to people and make them laugh. My prayer is for everything to be over, then we become stronger and better people after this pandemic. Honestly speaking, my greatest desire is for this COVID -19 to go away because if it’s still here, all our plans we had listed for 2020 wouldn’t be achieved.

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