Wednesday, October 20

Wizkid Vs Davido: A Comparison That Should Stop

The comparison of two popular artists; Wizkid and Davido is one that needs to end.

From the genesis of modern music, there has always been healthy competition and comparisons between singers and music lovers.

Things have however turned sour these days with the high rate of violent comparisons of artists, usually perpetrated by fans.

Unfortunately, Popular singers; Wizkid and Davido fell victim to this ludicrous act, right from the onset of their careers.

Wizkid and Davido came from different worlds but put in hard work to get to where they are today.

Unlike Davido, Wizkid has this from grass to grace story. He rose from the ghetto part of Lagos; “Ojuelegba” to gaining national and international recognition as one of the best Afrobeats artists.

In order to be successful, the “Joro” singer had to work extremely hard, coupled with his God-given, beautiful music talent.

The story is however not the same for Davido, who was born into riches.

Despite that, the singer also had to put in hard work. His father’s wealth would have been useless to him if he wasn’t talented.

We fans don’t have the right to say make some judgments about celebrities who are not our favorites because we don’t really know them.

Wizkid was one of the first few Nigerian artists to go international. Meanwhile, Davido was just limited to Africa as the US music market was not favorable to him as at them.

This was when the comparison was too much, that it became normal. This immature behavior of fans nearly created a rift between the two distinctly talented singers.

Davido, however, didn’t give up and kept trying to go international. Well you know how that story ends, Davido is presently global y’all!

Over these recent years, fans have now created a stable community for themselves where they constitute nuisances and steadily compare achievements of Starboy and OBO, music and awards alike.

This community of fans is usually made of jobless youths, Nosy people, and some people who just chose to be ignorant.

Starboy FC goes on to social media to say mean things and spread lies about Davido, Davido’s fans retaliate, the circle never ends,

The worst part is that the celebrities in question see these things, and have reasons to beef each other.

It seems that these fans don’t know that their words are like bullets that can frustrate the efforts of these singers, who are just trying to entertain and make ends meet.

My sole reason for putting out this article is because I think it’s high time someone came out and speak about this issue once and for all.

As they say, only knowledge can Quench ignorance.

If you are a Wizkid Fan, love your Wizkid in peace. Davido’s fans, do the same. If you’re a fan of both, good for you.

Both artists are very talented and make beautiful music in their own unique way.

Use your social media handles sensibly to promote your favorite singer’s music and not degrade the others’.

Remember that you also have high hopes of being a star in the future and that hurtful feeling of being compared to your mates, I’m sure you don’t want to experience that.

Wizkid Vs Davido comparison must stop!!!.

I rest my case.

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