Wolves see academy staff shake-up

Wolves see academy staff shake-up

Jon Hunter-Barrett and Laura Nicholls are taking up lead roles with Wolves academy.

Hunter-Barrett will now handle all football responsibilities within the department, while Nicholls will oversee the administration roles.

The changes mean two long-serving members of staff, who have risen through the club in various roles, will officially fulfil all academy requirements previously tasked to now technical director Scott Sellars.

Now academy manager for football, Hunter-Barrett will be responsible for the football and performance aspect of the Academy, ensuring players and coaches are developing under the Wolves philosophy and identity, through both their behaviours and performances.

Hunter-Barrett said: “Ever since I came into the programme, this has been something I've wanted to do and I have had passion for, and I had to have a bit of a plan of how I was going to get there, doing things the right way with my own education, football and academic work.

“We've effectively been in the roles for the last 12 months and now it's official, internally and externally. Scott's passion for youth development will always be there, and his expertise will always be used – I don't want people thinking he's only concerned about Raul Jimenez, because he also cares about the under-12's striker."