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Woman Plans to Use the Skin From Her Amputated Leg to Make a Handbag

Woman plans to use the skin from her amputated leg to make a handbag

A woman whose leg will soon be amputated wants to use the skin from the amputated leg to make a handbag.

Joan, 55, from Manchester, has peripheral arterial disease, and as a result, she will need to have her lower left leg removed.

In order not to let her discarded leg go to waste, Joan is on the hunt for a designer who is willing to turn her leg into a purse.

She took her request to who have mocked up potential designs of the handbag and are hoping to connect her with designers willing to work with human skin. Joan’s budget is £3,000 and she is hoping for a medium-sized bag with a short strap.

Woman plans to use the skin from her amputated leg to make a handbag

Requesting for a designer, Joan wrote:

I know it is a bit odd and gross, and some might think I’m crazy, but it’s my leg and I can’t bare the thought of it being left to rot somewhere.

It’s part of me and I want to keep it.

Joan adds:

I don’t know if this is even plausible, but I’m thinking if we use animal skin for garments and accessories then why can’t the same be done with our skin.

Surely there is someone out there that can apply the same methods.

I know it’s gross, but people keep their baby’s umbilical cords and have relative’s ashes on display, so it’s not really that weird if you think about it.

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