Friday, May 14

Woman Raped And Shot By Armed Robbers Narrates Her Experience

A woman who survived sexual assault and gunshot has shared her testimony on Twitter.

The woman explained that there was a home invasion on April 28, 2020, and she was sexually assaulted by the armed robbers.

She wrote;

“Here Is My Story A Thread RT:
On April 28th there was a home invasion and I was sexually assaulted. After being sexually assaulted I was made to lie down, with my face down on the floor.

The next thing I remember is being covered in blood curled up behind my bedroom door. The truth of the matter I did not know I was shot in the head neither did I know I had been shot in the stomach. God didn’t allow me to even feel the pain from the gunshot wounds.

The power of God I have to tell you… Guys, He has a plan for us all. The way He proved Himself in this situation even the heathen MUST believe in Him. I suffered from inter-cranial fracture and brain hemorrhaging amongst other things but these were the most serious of the injuries and

At one point my family was told I may not make it. But God said, NOT YET!! God My healer, My sustainer raised me healed my body gave me a speedy recovery. He showed the world a miracle. I just wanted to share my testimony with you guys. Even though I had spent all I worked for and nothing to live on right now as a widow that lost her husband years back, I am forever grateful that my children can still call me mommy and I can hold them in my arms again.

I so much believe that GOD IS IN CONTROL you may not agree with His plan but, he is the creation more than the creator. I think not. He remains on the throne. I will not sit on my testimony I will continue to tell it so I can strengthen anyone going through one problem or the other right now! Peace, love, and blessings to you all.”


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