World Cup protestor says he is 'free' after pitch invasion

World Cup protestor says he is 'free' after pitch invasion

A protester carrying a rainbow flag and wearing a 'Save Ukraine' T-shirt who invaded the pitch during Portugal's World Cup group win over Uruguay on Monday says he has been released without any further action.

Mario Ferri, whose blue top had the Superman logo on the front and the words 'Respect for Iranian Women' on the back, entered the field of play during the second half.

Security officials chased Ferri - who describes himself as a footballer and influencer - before he dropped the flag on the field and was then escorted away.

The referee picked up the flag and left it on the sideline, where it stayed for a few moments before a worker came to collect it.

Writing on his Instagram story on Tuesday, Ferri said: "So many emotions right now. No legal consequence. I am free."

In a post, the activist wrote: "I will call it 'the last dance' - my last run on a playing field. I wanted to send important messages for me that I have lived on my skin in the past months."

The incident came amid a tournament which has been surrounded by controversy over hosts Qatar's treatment of the LGBTQ+ community as well as anti-government demonstrations in Iran.