Tuesday, January 25

You Slept With Me More Than Once ā€” Nayas1 Details Her Relationship With Ernest Opoku

Nayas 1 is calling gospel musician Ernest Opoku a blatant liar. He says all that he said in his recent interview are cooked up lies.

Nayas says she never slept with Ernest just once.

Speaking in an interview with Kumasi-based Silver FM, the actress cum talk show host said she had decided never to speak of this scandal ever again but she cannot sit and watch Ernest paint her dirty.

Nayas says she and Ernest slept together more than once. She says they had a real relationship and even his siblings knew about it.

As opposed to what Ernest said, Nayas said they were serious about each other and even intended to marry the next year of their relationship. She says she cannot fathom why a gospel musician would lie about this.

A while back, Ernest told Fiifi in an interview that he only had a one-night stand with Nayas and had no substantive relationship, adding that whatever they had did not even last for 3 months.

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