You wanted him to cry – Van der Vaart slams Tuchel for attacking Ancelotti

You wanted him to cry – Van der Vaart slams Tuchel for attacking Ancelotti

Rafael van der Vaart has slammed Chelsea boss, Thomas Tuchel over his behaviour after Chelsea’s Champions League defeat to Real Madrid.

Chelsea put up a superb display at the Bernabeu, taking a 3-0 lead on the night only to be undone by Real Madrid in the later part of the end.

Chelsea’s German boss had directed his anger towards the referee, Szymon Marciniak, criticising him for laughing and shaking with Carlo Ancelotti.

But Van der Vaart, a former Tottenham star, felt Tuchel’s behaviour was ridiculous and hit out at the coach for being a sore loser.

Speaking about Tuchel’s comments on Dutch TV station, Ziggo Sport, Van der Vaart said: “I like respect. If you win, give respect to the opponent, and if you lose I think respect is even more beautiful.”

Der Vaart said that Real Madrid’s Italian boss always presents himself in a good conduct and hardly engages in war of words either with referees or his fellow managers, describing Tuchel’s attitude as dragon, a [beastly, angry person] in Dutch.

“If I had been Tuchel’s assistant, I would have said, ‘We all lose sometimes, but do it with style,” he added.

“But if you lose and then you give this interview… that’s what makes me fume.

“What is Ancelotti supposed to do? Cry?” He wondered.

He further said that for reasons such as this, the German manager was not ripe enough to be called world’s best manager as many could see him.

“This just comes off as really bad. You shouldn’t say this. As a coach, you should just say that you are proud of your team. It’s not important whether a referee is smiling or not,” angry Van der Vaart said.